Hadabot is a low-cost robot kit for students, software engineers, makers to learn ROS2 and robotics in a hands-on manner. Our robot kits are easy to build, extensible, and customizable. The Hadabot software stack consists of an open source web browser-based coding environment to make the hacking experience frustration-free.

Hadabot ROS2 "Turtle" robot kits are available for purchase!

The Hadabot Turtle uses the ESP32 as its primary on-robot processor. While most of Hadabot's software stack relies on the web browser, hence is OS agnostic, the programming of the ESP32 still requires OS specific device drivers.

For mostly all Mac and Linux based OS's, this have not been a problem. As a matter of fact, the ESP32 connects right out of the box for the Ubuntu OS.

But a number of Hadabot Windows users have reported trouble connecting to their ESP32's despite herculean efforts.

To streamline setup for these users, we put together a set of instructions on how to create an Ubuntu bootable USB thumbdrive with the Hadabot, Docker, VSCode, ESP32 tools installed from a single script.

Even if you can connect to an ESP32, you can use this Hadabot Ubuntu USB drive to "sandbox" your Hadabot environment. Or perhaps you simply want to try Hadabot with a spare ESP32 laying around without the worry of installing other "stuff" on your main system OS.

We've been using this USB thumbdrive for a while and have been pleasantly surprised Performance is actually quite snappy despite the fact that the OS is running from a thumbdrive.

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Thanks and happy building!
Jack "the Hadabot Maker"