Hadabot is a low-cost robot kit for students, software engineers, makers to learn ROS2 and robotics in a hands-on manner. Our robot kits are easy to build, extensible, and customizable. The Hadabot software stack consists of an open source web browser-based coding environment to make the hacking experience frustration-free.

Hadabot ROS2 "Turtle" robot kits are available for purchase!

For ROS World 2021, we present a novel way to control our ESP32 micro-controller Hadabot Turtle robot remotely with ROS 2 and the Navigation 2 (Nav2) stack running in the cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) RoboMaker.

A blog which describes the architecture in detail will follow this one. In the meantime, you are welcomed to run the code yourself on a Hadabot Turtle kit (the Motor+Speed Sensor Add-On is also required for this AWS code).

  1. Clone our hadabot_main Git repository.
  2. Go follow the directions from the hadabot_main/content/p11/README.md. It would be helpful to read through the whole README but the relevant AWS section would be under the heading With AWS RoboMaker.

Here's a video clip of the Hadabot Turtle in action!

As mentioned before, we will be following up on another blog post to dive deeper into the details of the architecture.

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Also, if you are looking to learn ROS 2 in a hands-on manner with an affordable robot kit, purchase a Hadabot Turtle kit to start your robotics adventures with us!

Thanks and happy building!
Jack "the Hadabot Maker"